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February 11, 2008



Did you know there is annual "Chicken Run" tour of backyard chicken set ups in the Victoria area? Contact for the details


Dude it is so cute that the little guy thanked the chickens! I am moved. :)

Deborah Dowd

That is one beautiful egg, and the egg collector is an angel! I am sure you are insanely proud of both!


Thank you for telling your gorgeous and heart warming story. I recently got ducks born in May'08, for entertainment, responsibility, learning, companionship, sustainability, etc., and have had similar concern about their laying. Along with being young and having moved a couple of times, the ducks have recently undergone trauma due to raccoon attacks, the environment has become colder and darker and we are now at our shortest days. After having layed their first eggs for just a week before I got them in October, they have not layed since. I too have consulted different people on keeping ducks warm, healthy, happy and laying. I don't know if or when my female duck will lay eggs again, but reading your story, which I can relate to on various levels, renewed hope for me. Understanding more and more about the way our world well functions and what we can do to help it (example: raising your own food) I also appreciate your acknowledgment of and great steps toward connectedness to our food and food sources. Not everyone is bravely raising chickens in their backyard yet! Thanks again and I look forward to your future food blogging!

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