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June 28, 2007



What a lovely blog, and a great entry for WHB. This is something I've always wanted to taste, but I didn't realize that you should eat the male flowers but not the females. Thanks for that lesson. I'm a bit of a wimp about frying too, but I do have quite a few zucchini blossoms so maybe I'll get brave.

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

My grandfather used to make these. They are delicious!

Yellow House Cook

Thanks for the kind words Kalyn.

JennDZ: Yes, they are quite tasty: just two days later, I'm already hankering after them.


Great and informative post! I think I should have just enough male zucchini blossoms on my zucchini plant to feed one very soon :)


Oh my godd..you have brought tempura to a whole other level. Zucchini blossoms ? I'd have not think of that, so crunchylicious :) Now..where do I get these zucchini flowers ? hmm..


First time visit to your site and the zucchini blossoms look great. This is on my "to-do" list, gotta try them.


First time visit to your site and the zucchini blossoms look great. This is on my "to-do" list, gotta try them.

Simona Carini

I love your post with all its informative photos and the information it contains. I cannot eat fried food (long story), but I can dream and remember how good fried zucchini blossoms taste.


Great pictoral!
I have eaten zucchini blossoms, and liked them but never made them - avoidance of deep fat frying. I may get brave, though, those look really good. And I heard about only using the male flower somewhere else (and I always use chicken stock in my risotto - unless I'm using ALL wine)


Two words:

Stuff them.

Some ricotta, cream cheese, herbs, and any other wondrous things (oh, I dunno - crispy procuitto, tanpenade, caramelized onions, ground pork, etc...) you would like to add to the mixture. Pipe them into the semi-closed flower, squeeze it tight, batter, and deep fry.
I've got a great Jamie for you doing something similar.

However, the simplicity of just the blossoms...lovely.

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